Grudge Book Excerpts, Part I

Day 21: Met a family of humans. They displayed an appropriate level of hospitality—so much so that I began to grow suspicious of their motivations. Are all humans this open and welcoming? I had not been led to believe it to be so. They generously shared a meal and pointed me in the direction of the nearest settlement, sending me on my way with a deerskin cloak as a final perplexing show of kindness. If their motives were true, I shall have to see to it they are repaid their generosity when the Citadel is re-taken so that my debt to them will be cleared.

Day 21 (night): Arrived in the town of Northbank. Wonders of wonders, I found a refugee from the Citadel in residence there! And not just any dwarf, but a member of the Hearth Guard! I remain unsure if this is meant as a blessing or a challenge from Dumathoin – most of their lot are lazy scions of the Upper Clans. Why couldn’t I have met a member of the Royal Guard instead? Do any still live? My new companion, Kilak of the Fellaxe clan, says others made it out as well. All hope is not well! Kilak travels with a human wizard, a double strike. We shall see.

Day 22: We have concocted plans to travel to Silverymoon to petition the aid of the Lady who rules there. Unfortunately, our route is blocked by an early winter storm so we are obliged to stay in Northbank for a time. Rumors of ghosts and hauntings abound. I can’t say I blame the populace – this town has seen better days.

(Later): For want of something to do, we decided to investigate the supposed locus of the haunting, an old house in the slums on the outskirts of town. I must say, these human settlements are indeed oddly built. I’m still getting used to the feeling of open sky overhead at all times. And the cold! Only the Ember at my side keeps me from death by exposure, I am sure of it. At any rate, we explored the old house and discovered signs of recent habitatin in the attic, as well as evidence of stolen goods. Ghost indeed! Looks like a local thief has been playing on the locals’ superstitions for his own gain. We’re setting an ambush and awaiting the thief’s return.

Day 22 (night): The thief is dead. He returned to the house at sunset, as anticipated, but spotted us and began to run. Dumathoin’s Word rooted him to the spot and I tackled him, jumping from the attic window to land atop him. Nevertheless, hem managed to worm his way out from under me. Kilak threw one of his axes and, much to everyone’s surprise, felled the thief in a single blow. Kilak says he’s never thrown an axe in his life, let alone thrown one with such deadly accuracy. Interesting. The stolen goods have been returned to the authorities and we’ve been invited to stay in the manor of the town mayor. He told us stories of the town’s decline (something to do with crimes committed by the city’s former master of the now defunct Wizard Guild) and showed us a painting of the criminal, oddly hanging in the mayor’s own study.

Day 23: After retiring last night, we were disturbed by a loud scream and bright flash of light. Tracing the noise and the light we discovered a rambling mansion with a side door blown out, a great trail of destruction tracing from the door, through a greenhouse, and off into the wild. The house belongs to a human alchemist; Kilak overheard her speaking of ghost-haunted dreams shortly after he arrived in town. Maybe there’s something to this ghost business after all? We returned to the mayor’s house to properly rest up from our encounter with the thief before heading back to investigate this latest development. I want to earn the goodwill of the people of this town, as they may prove able allies in the coming war against Many-Arrows.

Grudge Book Excerpts, Part I

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